With the ON kids & family label, Mediawan Animation produces audiovisual content on an international scale, developing emblematic brands with strong franchises. As a leader in the European animation market, the Group capitalizes on a powerful portfolio of pre-existing brands from foundational cultural assets (“The Little Prince,” “Playmobil,” “Robin Hood,” “Peter Pan,” “Tall Tales,” “Le Petit Nicolas,” “Chaplin,” “Iron Man”), as well as on innovative original creations with very strong potential for international distribution, demonstrating unique expertise (“Miraculous Ladybug,” “Zak Storm,” “Seven & Me,” “Mune,” etc.).

Relying on its expertise in the production of animated series and on its catalog of characters known around the world, ON kids & family successfully entered the feature-length animation business with “The Little Prince” (July 2015) and “Tall Tales” (December 2017). The company’s current feature-length project is the “Playmobil” animated film, released in summer 2019.

Additionally, the brands of ON kids & family, whether developed in-house or with copyright and trademark owners, generate significant revenue from licensing and merchandising. ON kids & family has put this aspect at the heart of its strategy by working with market-leading partners and toy manufacturers (e.g. Playmobil, Bandai, Playmates, and Hape Toys) far upstream from obtaining financing for its projects, as well as by establishing other strong partnerships.