As of the end of 2018, Mediawan Originals included a total of 20 production labels: AB Productions, Alauda Films, Auteurs Associés, CC&C, Chapter 2, Ego Productions, Fit Production, Frenchkiss Pictures, JPG Films, Makingprod, Mai Juin Productions, Mon Voisin Productions, Moonbow, Paiva, Palomar, Radar Films, Scarlett, Septembre Productions, Storia Television, and Vema Production.

In 2019, Mediawan Originals delivered around 100 hours of programming and took the top spot in the annual ranking of prime-time fictional content producers in France, published by the magazine Écran Total in September 2019.

Since January 2019, Palomar – Italy’s largest independent producer – joined Mediawan to reinforce the pipeline of projects with new series, movies and documentaries. This acquisition is the starting point of an international network to produce ambitious projects such as “The Name of the Rose”, 8 high-end episodes which gathered John Turturro, Rupert Everett and Michael Emerson. This series was broadcasted last March 2019 in the main European countries.

The Group’s producers operate under Mediawan’s larger strategy: gather the best talent, develop and produce premium content with renowned, identifiable brands, and generate strong value in a catalog of content supported by the Group’s international network.